As part of the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter’s Meet the Signatories series, members of the Charter explain why they joined the Charter, and what steps they have since taken to ensure the inclusion of women in the sectors.

Next in the series, we talk to IPC Mouldings: 

Please name your organisation and explain what it does in the aviation or aerospace industry

IPC Mouldings is a SC21 Gold award winner and preferred supply chain partner in aircraft interiors.

Offering tool design and manufacture, CNC machining, injection moulding and assembly of components using high performance engineering polymers and operating from micro-moulding through to 700 tonne injection moulding, IPC mouldings presents a wide range of capabilities and flexible production to suit all needs and expectations.

Why did you join the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter?

It’s important that we have a platform which contributes to a more balanced and fair industry. By signing the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter, we will continue to commit to ensuring gender diversity across our company and therefore the industry.

What steps are your organisation now taking to help improve gender balance in the industry?

Joanne Liddle, Managing Director at IPC Mouldings said:

“I have to say that personally, I don’t notice a gender divide. Within our team, as well as the industry, we are all working together to achieve a common goal and that’s what’s important to us. I believe anyone can have a successful career in any sector, it is down to ability and motivation, regardless of gender.”