As part of the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter’s Meet the Signatories series, members of the Charter explain why they joined the Charter, and what steps they have since taken to ensure the inclusion of women in the sectors.

Next in the series, we talk to the Aviatrix Project: 

Please name your organisation and explain what it does in the aviation or aerospace industry

The aim of the project is to raise awareness, particularly amongst women and girls but also young people from diverse backgrounds, about aviation as a potential career choice. We are keen to encourage and offer opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The project aims are to work closely with primary and secondary schools as well as higher education institutions to encourage girls into STEM and enthuse them about aviation. We create opportunities for professional and private pilots to visit schools, colleges and community groups to deliver assemblies and workshops linked to the curriculum. We also create opportunities and promote scholarships and awards which exist to support women and girls to gain a pilot’s licence as well as offering funding opportunities of our own.

The combination of flying experience along with my educational background as a former Lecturer and a Headteacher gives us a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to encouraging girls and young people into aviation. The opportunities are all offered free of charge.

Our aims:

  • To encourage women and girls to take to the skies.
  • To encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider STEM careers.
  • To deliver high quality school visits to deliver assemblies, talks and workshops to promote women in aviation.
  • To run a taster flight programme to identified girls to inspire them to learn to fly.
  • To create opportunities and promote scholarships and awards which exist to support women and girls into aviation.

Why did you join the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter?

“We signed the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter to further ensure that we could demonstrate our commitment to helping to improve gender balance in the industry. Role models are incredibly effective in inspiring and enthusing young girls and together with external agencies we are able to develop strong partnerships with schools to support the girls who are keen to explore aviation opportunities. Whilst we will visit as many schools as we can across the UK we will make special effort to reach communities where such opportunities are not the norm. Ultimately I believe that we can use aviation as a tool to raise aspirations. I want to encourage young people – particularly young women – to believe in themselves and to know that there are no limits or barriers to achieving anything they set their mind to.”

Kanchana Gamage, Founder of The Aviatrix Project