As part of the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter’s Meet the Signatories series, members of the Charter explain why they joined the Charter, and what steps they have since taken to ensure the inclusion of women in the sectors.

Next in the series, we talk to AB5 Consulting: 

Please name your organisation and explain what it does in the aviation or aerospace industry

AB5 Consulting is supporting innovation in an enabled environment. Working for a variety of clients, large, small, private businesses, governmental bodies, on regulations, business case, technology gap, as well as applications and services, for the aerospace sector.

Why did you join the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter?

Because it matters. Diversity is key to us and to the innovation we bring.

What steps are your organisation now taking to help improve gender balance in the industry?

When we hire we actively seek candidates from a wide array of backgrounds. When we build teams we encourage diversity. We also act as a role model as Betty Bonnardel, the CEO is a woman.