As part of the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter’s Meet the Signatories series, members of the Charter explain why they joined the Charter, and what steps they have since taken to ensure the inclusion of women in the sectors.

First up in the series, we talk to Virgin Atlantic: 

Why did you join the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter?

“Virgin Atlantic was one of the 40 founding members and signatories to the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter in July 2018, supported by UK Government, and we’ve been an integral part of its development since launch. We’re fully committed to supporting women at all levels of the business achieve their goals.”

What steps are your organisation now taking to improve gender balance?

“Sumati Sharma, Vice President at Virgin Atlantic, is the Co-Chair of the WIAA Charter, representing the Aviation sector for the Charter and its commitments. For 36 years, our people have always been at the heart of our business and we recognise the vital importance of building a culture where diversity is not just accepted, but embraced, championed and celebrated.”